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Their Fathers' Land
Paul Wenz and Marie Ramsland
RRP ($A) 7.99
Publisher: ETT Imprint
ISBN: 9781925706475

Tim and his Sisters
Susan Spelic and Cassandra Storm D.
RRP ($A) 7.99
Publisher: The Reading Mountain
ISBN: 9780648072584

Whifty Whiff
Paul Marryatt
RRP ($A) 7.99
Publisher: Real Ranger Media
ISBN: 9780648226628

Whose Life is it Anyway?
Deborah Thomson
RRP ($A) 9.99
Publisher: Brolga Publishing
ISBN: 9780648242697

Why I Wrote This Book - For Greater Success
John T Karagounis
RRP ($A) 9.99
Publisher: The Circle Press
ISBN: 9780992489298

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